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A Killer’s Killer Sits On The Game of Thrones

Once again Sauteezy has done it ladies & gents. He has obliterated the new “Game of Thrones” billie & simply shitted on foos that be trying to replicate.  While Saute has proven to us all that he is one of the most active graffiti artist... [+]

Antes- AUB/WD, Etch- DTM & Besto- WE/WD

It’s good to see this production finally finished in it’s all. These peeps came correct with this one. Big shout outs to Antes, Etch & Besto for killing it with this one. Keep doing your thang & smashing these streets fellas…

All Men Must Die Saute…

Saute has been beasting these billboards for a cool minute now. With the new Game Of Thrones starting in April, this title seems fit for the vicious blood sport that these graffiti writers give up their lives for. Shout out & much props to this... [+]

Versuz- KOG/LTS

Versuz- KOG/LTS

Versuz has been on a sick rampage lately killing everything in sight not only on the streets, but to the billboards that reach up to the heavens. He has been shining his light on some of this year’s newest billies such as Captain America &... [+]


These vandals have been holding it down for years on the streets of Los Angeles. Representing some of the hardest crews in the LA area , Crash & Blah are by no means new to this graff shit. Here is some of that new new... [+]

On The Run- Reck & Tenzr

These two vandals have most definitely been putting in their work pushing OTR to the max not just across Los Angeles, but throughout the lands & roads of California & beyond. Here is some of that new new for that ass that y’all been waiting... [+]

Loks On Dope In The House

It’s always good to see some true OG’s of the graffiti game come together & bless the streets of Los Angeles with their elaborate decorative graffiti pieces. Like I’ve said before nothing feels better than to be in the presence of such greatness & beauty.... [+]



Here is some of that new new from Reck of NCT, OTR, GSF. This player is a straight beast when it comes to bringing that mad flavor to the streets of L.A. that we all have been craving so bad badly. Shout outs and mad... [+]