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A Killer’s Killer Sits On The Game of Thrones

Once again Sauteezy has done it ladies & gents. He has obliterated the new “Game of Thrones” billie & simply shitted on foos that be trying to replicate.  While Saute has proven to us all that he is one of the most active graffiti artist... [+]


These vandals have been holding it down for years on the streets of Los Angeles. Representing some of the hardest crews in the LA area , Crash & Blah are by no means new to this graff shit. Here is some of that new new... [+]

Sauteezy's On Fire

Sauteezy’s On Fire

Saute has been on a vicious rampage that seems to never end. With his razor sharp ferocious hand steez that seems to cut deep into the walls of Los Angeles, we are left to wonder where will this maniac strike next….  

On The Run- Reck & Tenzr

These two vandals have most definitely been putting in their work pushing OTR to the max not just across Los Angeles, but throughout the lands & roads of California & beyond. Here is some of that new new for that ass that y’all been waiting... [+]

Loks On Dope In The House

It’s always good to see some true OG’s of the graffiti game come together & bless the streets of Los Angeles with their elaborate decorative graffiti pieces. Like I’ve said before nothing feels better than to be in the presence of such greatness & beauty.... [+]

Saute- PMK/KRH

Saute- PMK/KRH

Words cannot not express the emotion & feeling that overcomes you when you witness this billboard in person. This most definitely is more than just an impressive billie that will forever go down not just in graffiti history, but the history of graffiti billboards. Saute... [+]

Augs- MSK & Merch- OTR/LOD/BNB

To see these two talented beasts team up is an amazing sight especially when they go hard on a empty billboard like this. It almost feels as if the streets of Los Angeles are starting to come back to life again & flourish despite the... [+]

Buge- BAMC & Crabs- BAMC/TUSK

So if you don’t know by now, Buge & Crabs have been on a mad rampage lately. These two have been going hard destroying everything in their paths, or should I say blessing us with their art & creativity. Here is some of that new... [+]