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Recap: Cat Cult at As Issued

Based out of Los Angeles, Cat Cult embraces the varying iconic identities that the cat has held across history and plays upon it in fun and ironic ways throughout the urban environment. Cat Cult utilizes a variety of mediums including illustration, printmaking, stencils, wheat paste,... [+]

Til The Wheels Fall Off May 10th

This Saturday at Mi Vida Store in Highland Park is the opening of “Til The Wheels Fall Off” by photographer Carlos Ponce. Ponce’s photographic work in the last two years has been centered around the custom car culture scene in and around Los Angeles. From... [+]

Recap: Steel Giants 3

If you were able to make it this past weekend to GCS Pomona for the STEEL GIANTS 3 opening then you attended a remarkable show that pushed the limits of what you print. Some larger then life prints that immersed you in the moment that... [+]

All U Beware Jan. 18th

All U Beware Jan. 18th

January 18th the AUB’s Group Show & Art Collective is taking place at GCS Santa Ana, 209 N. Broadway Santa Ana, Ca 92710 from 6-10 pm. Artist on display: Help, Eyesr, Ryoe, Basco, Forge, Biser, Antes, Zeal, Pest, Isrek, Seoul, True2Death, Jesr and many others.... [+]

Photo Recap: Out For Blood

Haunted Euth employs an organic process where his captured moments within his mind spark his hands to aggressively push graphite, tear paper, mix vibrant colors, pour ink and then feel an immediate desire to repeat the process over and over. “It is a self absorbed... [+]

“Out for Blood” by Haunted Euth: Oct. 5th

Los Angeles Street Artist Haunted Euth is pleased to announce “Out for Blood”, his newest solo exhibition opening October 5, 2013 at GCS Santa Ana. Haunted Euth will be unveiling a massive 9” x 30” acrylic painting on paper about American history and war entitled... [+]