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Augs- MSK

Augs- MSK

Damn writers block. I don’t have much to say but shout out to Billboard Bandits for helping a player out on the location and shout out to Augs for always giving us photographers somethin dope to flick. And last shout out to Smog City Clothing.... [+]

Buge- BAMC & Augs- MSK

I’m so stoked to have been able to have flicked this amazing piece by my boy Buge & his homie Augs. They out did themselves once again. Much respect to Augs for holding it down for so long & respects to Buge for his ambition... [+]

Augs- MSK & Merch- OTR/LOD/BNB

To see these two talented beasts team up is an amazing sight especially when they go hard on a empty billboard like this. It almost feels as if the streets of Los Angeles are starting to come back to life again & flourish despite the... [+]