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A Killer’s Killer Sits On The Game of Thrones

Once again Sauteezy has done it ladies & gents. He has obliterated the new “Game of Thrones” billie & simply shitted on foos that be trying to replicate.  While Saute has proven to us all that he is one of the most active graffiti artist... [+]

Agod- KOG/RK

Agod- KOG/RK

What more can I say. This cat along with a handful of other graffiti artists have brought so much flavor back to the billboard game it’s pretty impressive. I’m truly blessed to have had the opportunity to have flicked some of these incredible pieces. Shout... [+]

Saute- KRH/PMK & Agod- KOG/RK

These crazy mothafuckas have struck another Transformers billboard & they have killed it once again ladies & gents. These foos be on that stealth tip ninja mode that keeps us guessin. Shout out to Saute & Agod. Keep em comin killas!!!

Esto & Squid- KOG/LTS

It’s so sick that these two have decided to collab on a billie especially a Transformers one at that. Sometimes simple & clean is better than complex & this is a hell of an example. Shout out to Esto & Squid for this bad ass... [+]

Saute- PMK/KRH & Agod- KOG/RK

It turns out that these two beasts have really transformed this billie into something spectacular. Hollywood really needs to start hiring some of these cats for their advertising department. Anyways here is that new new that be flossin on these Los Angeles streets…