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NELA Old Jail County Blues

Damn all I can say is that this spot got burned real quick, but if you know what’s up you know who hit it first like Ray J…   Eager, PDog, & Spain = Roller Beasts… No County Time for Argon & Fuct…   Sufer... [+]

Fuct & Blah On The Run

Fuct & Blah are no strangers to the streets of Los Angeles. Both having 10+ years in the game, these two bonafide vandals are here to stay & play. FOREVER.. Representing OTR to the FULLEST, these two hot boyz can’t & wont’ be stopped. Big... [+]

Fucte- AL/OTR/NCT/FTL/3AK/D30 & Dkoy- GSF

Damn these foos burned this rooftop sick wit that funky fresh. Summertime is in full affect & these two are here to prove that. Big ups to Fucte & Dkoy for keepin shit on & poppin…