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The Murder Scene

The Murder Scene

What was once a hidden gem founded within the streets of Los Angeles seems now to be getting burned way to quickly. Hopefully this spot will have some longevity in it in the end.Here are some killa pieces from Solve, Agod, Versuz & lots more…  

The Time Has Come! Smog City Would Like to Present None Other Than…

The time has finally come ladies & gentlemen. Smog City Clothing & myself would love to give a shout out & BIG welcome to our newest teammate, none other than the infamous AC_In_CA!! I can’t say enough great things about AC. She is by far... [+]

Buge- BAMC

Buge- BAMC

God damnnnnnn is all that comes to my mind when u see this up close & personal.  The color skeme is off the hook! Buge u did a hell of a job on this one my boy. Keep em comin’ player! And shout out to... [+]

Buge- BAMC & Augs- MSK

I’m so stoked to have been able to have flicked this amazing piece by my boy Buge & his homie Augs. They out did themselves once again. Much respect to Augs for holding it down for so long & respects to Buge for his ambition... [+]

Buge- BAMC & Oath- BAMC/PFG

There is nothing that I can say about Buge that I haven’t said before. This killa is a madman committing all types of billboard montrosities that the game will forever remember. Not to mention his color schemes are always on point.

Buge- BAMC & Crabs- BAMC/TUSK

So if you don’t know by now, Buge & Crabs have been on a mad rampage lately. These two have been going hard destroying everything in their paths, or should I say blessing us with their art & creativity. Here is some of that new... [+]