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Buge- BAMC

Buge- BAMC

God damnnnnnn is all that comes to my mind when u see this up close & personal.  The color skeme is off the hook! Buge u did a hell of a job on this one my boy. Keep em comin’ player! And shout out to... [+]

Buge- BAMC & Augs- MSK

I’m so stoked to have been able to have flicked this amazing piece by my boy Buge & his homie Augs. They out did themselves once again. Much respect to Augs for holding it down for so long & respects to Buge for his ambition... [+]

Buge- BAMC & Oath- BAMC/PFG

There is nothing that I can say about Buge that I haven’t said before. This killa is a madman committing all types of billboard montrosities that the game will forever remember. Not to mention his color schemes are always on point.

Buge- BAMC & Crabs- BAMC/TUSK

So if you don’t know by now, Buge & Crabs have been on a mad rampage lately. These two have been going hard destroying everything in their paths, or should I say blessing us with their art & creativity. Here is some of that new... [+]