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Smog City Production

Smog City Production

Recent post by AlexanderTheGreat on Smog City Beating the Buff has now come to life with a look at how this production was put together. Thanks to paint sponsors RD Artist Supplies and the artists involved: Cink, Cab, Este, Atlas and Cache.

Smog City Beating The Buff

It’s good to see people come together for projects like this. It’s even better when the owner gives you full permission to cover the entire building from top to bottom. You ask does it get better than that? Yes it does when you got dope... [+]

Recap: Cat Cult at As Issued

Based out of Los Angeles, Cat Cult embraces the varying iconic identities that the cat has held across history and plays upon it in fun and ironic ways throughout the urban environment. Cat Cult utilizes a variety of mediums including illustration, printmaking, stencils, wheat paste,... [+]