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The Runners Bringing New Meaning To “Run Ups”

The Runners have been on a out right killin’ spree with their massive spellout challenges & constant daily run ups. Here is a prime example of what I’m talking about. Shout to to Begr, Eager & Transa for always bringing that freshness to the streets... [+]

The Murder Scene

The Murder Scene

What was once a hidden gem founded within the streets of Los Angeles seems now to be getting burned way to quickly. Hopefully this spot will have some longevity in it in the end.Here are some killa pieces from Solve, Agod, Versuz & lots more…  

Benr On A Mission Destroying With Colors

Benr has been killin it with the billboard game lately. He recently caught two new ones from the anticipated movies “Poltergeist” & “Mad Max.” Unfortunately due to bandwagon, dick riding, culture vulture ass sites like the Hollywood Fix Art, this billie did not last as... [+]

NELA Old Jail County Blues

Damn all I can say is that this spot got burned real quick, but if you know what’s up you know who hit it first like Ray J…   Eager, PDog, & Spain = Roller Beasts… No County Time for Argon & Fuct…   Sufer... [+]

Sauter- KRH/PMK

Sauter- KRH/PMK

Mos def my boi Sauteezy be persistent with them killa billboards staying on his grind. All I can say is that Saute be on that can’t stop won’t stop tip. When I asked him if he’d ever stop his reply was “I’ll be ripping billies... [+]

Versuz- KOG/LTS

Versuz- KOG/LTS

Versuz has been on a sick rampage lately killing everything in sight not only on the streets, but to the billboards that reach up to the heavens. He has been shining his light on some of this year’s newest billies such as Captain America &... [+]


These vandals have been holding it down for years on the streets of Los Angeles. Representing some of the hardest crews in the LA area , Crash & Blah are by no means new to this graff shit. Here is some of that new new... [+]

Sauteezy's On Fire

Sauteezy’s On Fire

Saute has been on a vicious rampage that seems to never end. With his razor sharp ferocious hand steez that seems to cut deep into the walls of Los Angeles, we are left to wonder where will this maniac strike next….