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Jail Tribute Wall

Jail Tribute Wall

It hasn’t been that long since the passing of Jail & already u can feel his graffiti presence missed in the North East area. It’s nice to see some of Jail’s homies come together & do a tribute wall for him out here on the... [+]

The UNTouchables Are Back With A Vengeance…

Oh yea I said it. The UNTouchables are back. I had the pleasure of witnessing this masterpiece come to life & what a day. The energy, unity & flow that each artist shared with one another was something that I have never witnessed before, but... [+]

Revae Goes Colossal

Like I said before, these trains I literally had to chase, but it was all well worth it. Especially when you come across something such as Revae’s colossal size letters. So glad I was able to flick this. Good shit on this one mang. Keep... [+]

A Killer’s Killer Sits On The Game of Thrones

Once again Sauteezy has done it ladies & gents. He has obliterated the new “Game of Thrones” billie & simply shitted on foos that be trying to replicate.  While Saute has proven to us all that he is one of the most active graffiti artist... [+]

Ashr- KRH, Saute- KRH/KOG/LTS/PMK, & Koder- CSD

So I have to admit that these flicks weren’t the easiest to get. I literally had to chase this train from the Alhambra to NELA just to get a flick of these bad mothafuckas. Some of u might say what a waste time, but nothing... [+]

Fuct & Blah On The Run

Fuct & Blah are no strangers to the streets of Los Angeles. Both having 10+ years in the game, these two bonafide vandals are here to stay & play. FOREVER.. Representing OTR to the FULLEST, these two hot boyz can’t & wont’ be stopped. Big... [+]

Augs- MSK

Augs- MSK

Damn writers block. I don’t have much to say but shout out to Billboard Bandits for helping a player out on the location and shout out to Augs for always giving us photographers somethin dope to flick. And last shout out to Smog City Clothing.... [+]

Buger & Aise- BAMC

Buger & Aise- BAMC

I have to say Buger has out done himself once again on this hotboy. This has to be one of his best pieces to day. I’m glad to see that he keeps pushing his style to new heights along with the fact that he has... [+]